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Why aren't more people cycling?


A BBC poll found that 52% of people in the UK considered roads in their local area too dangerous to cycle.


The Highway Code recognises cyclists as vulnerable road users. This is borne out by the fact that 90% of cycling deaths are caused by collisions with motor vehicles.


In the UK cyclists have a serious accident rate (number killed or seriously injured per kilometre travelled) half that of motorcyclists, but 8 times that of motorists.


Direct rear impacts are more common in arterial and rural roads than urban settings and are associated with a significantly increased risk of fatality. Despite the high use of bicycles in some cities, rural locations account for greater than 35% of cycling fatalities in Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands and Spain. The Isle of Man has a high proportion of rural roads.


There is evidence that fewer cyclists might lead to an increased risk per cyclist, due to a “Safety in Numbers” effect.



'52% of people in the UK consider the roads in their local area too dangerous to cycle.'