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Safe Cycling IOM

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Philip Gawne, MHK 2003 - 2016

'Government is committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in our society and cyclists are one among our most vulnerable road users.  The Department of Infrastructure is therefore supportive of methods of improving the safety of cyclists on our roads and particularly Safe Cycling Isle of Man and its aim of introducing a 1.5m safe passing distance.'



Eddie Teare, MHK 2004 - 2016

'I am very much aware of the risks posed to cyclists........Not only do some motorists pass far too close for comfort they seem unable to judge speed of the cyclist and overtake too near corners or in the face of oncoming traffic.'


Ray Harmer MHK

"I fully support this. I would like to support cycling."



David Anderson, MLC

I am keen to give my full support.

I do cycle 2 or 3times a week and know not enough motorists give cyclist enough room when overtaking,I do feel it starts with educating new drivers.

Best wishes for your campaign



Chris Thomas, MHK

'What a great campaign this is.


I do support education and more sympathetic road use.


I am in Department of Infrastructure and I believe the law is practical so will be voting for when it is presented.'



Bill Malarkey, MHK

 'I can assure you that it will have my full support.'



Alex Allinson MHK

"I am very keen to improve the safety on the roads for cyclists and would support your campaign."



David Ashford MHK

"I'm fully in favour of the 1.5m. It would provide clear and unambiguous rules which would work for the safety of all road users."



Clare Bettison MHK 

"As someone who has worked as a registered nurse within the environs of A & E and Intensive Care, I have seen first-hand the catastrophic injuries that can result from unsafe driving by cars in the vicinity of cyclists. I am very keen to support schemes that encourage cycling and the necessary safe cycling initiatives that must be promoted alongside these. The benefits of cycling are many and varied and I believe as an Island we do not go far enough on either matter.

I would, without hesitation, vote in favour"



Ann Corlett MHK 

"This is sensible and much needed legislation. If elected I would certainly support it."



Ralph Peake MHK

"I do take road safety seriously and I believe not enough has been done to encourage cycling and a commuting option"



Bill Shimmins MHK

" I fully support the minimum passing distance initiative" He cycles regularly to work at Tynwald and has a Safe Cycling IOM sticker on his car.

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