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Safe Cycling IOM

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The benefits to society


  • Cycling 10 kilometres each way to work reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 1500 kg/year.


  • The community saves 31 pence per kilometre for every car trip replaced by a bicycle ride


  • Less car parks required - up to 20 bicycles can be stored in the space required for one car


  • Bicycles offer door-to-door service and are often quicker than cars over short distances up to five kilometres


  • Cycling offers a cheaper form of transport for those who are socially disadvantaged. (SE Queensland Dept of Health 2013).


An Economic Assessment compiled for the UK Department of Health in 2010, found that the economic benefits of walking and cycling interventions were 'highly significant'. This was echoed in Australia by a Cycling Promotion Fund economics study. This found large savings due to:

  • Reduced premature deaths due to air pollution

  • Less congestion of roads

  • Reduced costs of physical inactivity on health budget

  • Greenhouse gas emissions savings


The benefits to health and wellbeing of regular exercise is promoted by the Isle of Man Government's GoDoActive campaign.

'Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.' ~ John F. Kennedy

Go Do Active