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Safe Cycling IOM

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Be ready - there maybe a cyclist, walker or horse rider round the next corner.


Slow down - your reflex on seeing a cyclist ahead should be to slow down, just as you would passing a horserider or mother and pram. 




Wait until it's safe to pass - if you do have to wait, hang back a bit. It's very intimidating hearing a car close behind. This also makes your overtaking arch less dramatic.  


Pass slowly - the most significant variant in the severity of injury following a collision is the speed of the vehicle.


LEAVE 1.5m - from the outermost part of the cyclist and the innermost part of your vehicle (your wing mirror).


Leave space before pulling in - cutting in early will cause the cyclist to instinctively swerve to avoid the danger you have presented, possibly leading to a crash.

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Advice for people in vehicles overtaking people on bikes