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Tanya Sanderson

I became good friends with Kate shortly after she came to the Isle of Man. She was a force of life; funny, intelligent and generous. She was a true inspiration in many aspects of life and encouraged me to do more cycling and take up yoga.

Sean Mclachlan


Cycling has been a big part of my life since I moved to the Island in 2000. In 2012 I cycled from Lands End to John O'Groats raising money for the Childrens Centre. I still enjoy mountain biking and road cycling and do so for fitness and fun these days. Both my sons cycle too, one of them taking part in the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2011. My partner has been a competitive cyclist for the best part of 30 years and we enjoy our weekend rides together.  I am motivated to improve road safety so that other families including my own, may be spared the devastation felt now by Kate's family.



Tanya and I formed Safe Cycling Isle of Man whilst searching for something constructive after Kate was killed.


I would not define myself as a cyclist. I have done all sorts of sports from hang-gliding to tug-of-war. I enjoy interacting with my environment, I enjoy working hard. Cycling achieves both these things.


The cliché works; if our efforts prevent just one injury to a cyclist, then it will have been worthwhile.

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I was, and still should be, Kate’s partner. We shared much and she taught me more.

Kate Burge

Kate came to the Isle of Man three years ago and worked as a Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist at Noble’s Hospital.


She was tragically killed while cycling home from work on 4 August 2014. The shock of her death has been widely felt on the Island, especially given the short time she has been here.


Kate would be surprised and embarrassed by the fuss.


Kate was modest to the point of dismissing her past achievements. Many would have no idea of the sporting standards she reached. She was a world class duathlete, representing GB many times and the winner of many a high class road race. More info here.

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The impact her death has had is a reflection on Kate Burge as a person. Her qualities and how she interacted with others. Kate was interested in people. Concerned, charitable and celebratory. She was the first to congratulate the achievements of others, whilst being so modest about hers. She found the best in others and saw no humour in misfortune. She had a strong sense of right and wrong, and unleashed an acerbic tongue when needed. But no grudges; forgiving. Fiercely intelligent, yet humble and self-effacing. Enthusiastic, with a joy of life and a ready, witty aside. We miss her.

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