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Safe Cycling IOM

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'ALL road users have a responsibility for the welfare of other road users more vulnerable than themselves'


Safe Cycling Isle of Man has been established to:


1.Improve road safety for cyclists in the Isle of Man

2.Promote harmonious road sharing


To achieve this we will:


1. Lobby Tynwald to introduce a minimum safe passing distance enshrined in law

2. Work with other stakeholders (police, schools, driving instructors, bus drivers, cyclists – whoever has a foot on the road) to promote road safety for cyclists

3. Co-ordinate a publicity campaign that improves road safety for cyclists


The majority of motorists are considerate of other road users, however:

  • Some motorists are not fully aware of the specific vulnerability of cyclists.

  • A small percentage of motorists infringe the safety envelope of cyclists.

  • A smaller percentage of motorists are reckless with the power they have at their disposal.

This is the power to end somebody’s life. 


ALL road users have a responsibility for the welfare of other road users more vulnerable than themselves.


Kate Burge was killed on the 4th August 2014 whilst cycling home from work. Kate was a highly experienced and safety conscious cyclist. She was hit from behind in Kirk Michael an uncongested road, in a 30mph zone and died at the scene.

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“Government is committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in our society and cyclists are one among our most vulnerable road users.  The Department of Infrastructure is therefore supportive of methods of improving the safety of cyclists on our roads and particularly Safe Cycling Isle of Man and its aim of introducing a 1.5m safe passing distance.”

Safe Cycling Isle of Man

Hon Philip Gawne, MHK, Minister for the Department of Infrastructure: